Carla Rasetta - North Reading

Why I am running for Lazarus House – “I’m taking part in 126th Boston Marathon to raise money for Lazarus House Ministries!!! Lazarus House does great work for a cause that’s very close to my heart. This will be my 3rd Boston Marathon & my 7th marathon in all. In December of 2017, I suffered a knee injury & began going to Fit Rev in North Reading.  My coworker, Jeff McManama, said he was interested in running the 2022 Boston Marathon & I immediately reached out to Lazarus House to see if they had any bibs because I KNEW if I was running Lazarus was 100% the organization I wanted to fundraise & run for.  It was meant to be… literally, on the day I reached out, they had been told THAT DAY the BAA gave them 4 Boston Marathon bibs! So!  Here I am, combining my passion for Lazarus House & running TOGETHER!”

Boston Marathon 2022 Countdown

The Boston Marathon begins! Wish Carla good luck!