Our Leadership Team


Carmen H. Vega

Executive Director

“We are all only one life event away from homelessness or food insecurity. We don’t judge. We welcome, we love, and we support.”

Carmen says she is a Lawrencian through and through and is not unfamiliar with the struggles the Guests of Lazarus House face on a daily basis.

She was raised in this community, attending Middle and High School in Lawrence, and after earning a Bachelor’s degree from Mount Washington College, a Master’s in Education from Cambridge College and getting her LMHC licensure, she settled in her beloved Lawrence with her husband and children.

She shares of her childhood, “I was raised in the Hancock Housing Projects in Lawrence. My family, friends, and neighbors all struggled with the issues we see in a typical urban city – some of the same hardships that the families we serve at Lazarus House are working hard to overcome. Raised by a single mom that lost her job due to lack of reliable childcare, I was brought up to be a woman of my word. My mom taught me that my word was worth more than money because people could then trust me and rely on me.  I think my lived experience has provided a solid foundation to serve families and individuals struggling with food insecurity, poverty, and homelessness with compassion.”

“I am thrilled and ready to take on this challenge. I look forward to working with the Board, our dedicated team of Directors, and the staff team I already love and trust to carry out the Strategic Plan, and continue to meet our Guests’ changing needs now and in the future.

“Let me paraphrase Philippians 4:13 and say ‘We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us’.”

Our Leadership Team

Ellen Bedrosian

Manager of Stewardship and Advancement Services

"It is an honor and privilege to work with our donors in service to our Guests."

Miguel Cruz

Director of Operations

"The village helped me. Now it’s my turn to be part of the village helping the Lawrence community."

Keith D’Entremont

Associate Director of Development

“What an honor and privilege it is to get to know our supporters and witness the very best of humanity every single day."

Lenny Dubois

Marketing Manager

"It's the most rewarding experience in my career, I am blessed to serve the Guests of Lazarus House."

Marcy Furse

Manager of Volunteer Engagement

"Matching hearts of service to real needs of our Guests is truly a privilege ... and my favorite thing to do!"

Liset Garcia, Food Coordinator

Liset Garcia

Food Services Coordinator

"Who am I to judge? I love the come as you are, no questions asked community we call the Food Pantry."

Emily Jennings

Shelter Program Director

"I feel like I was led to Lazarus House. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be to serve."

Nayely Jimenez

Thrift Store Manager

"There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up."

Karen Manzi

Director of Human Resources

“We may make a living with what we earn but we make a life by what we give.”

Almarie Silverman

Director of Advocacy

"We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We love what we do and care about being there for our community."

Gary Tapp

Director of Finance

"Lazarus House is a truly special place. I'm honored to be a part of this Ministry."

Elianna Ureña

Program Director, Capernaum Place

"When we give cheerfully and accept gracefully, everyone is blessed."