Project Bethlehem

Welcome to Project Bethlehem!

Project Bethlehem is Lazarus House’s annual Christmas giving program, bringing the joy of Christmas to Lawrence families for over 30 years.

Below are the who, what, when, why and how of Project Bethlehem.  

Who does project bethlehem serve?

Project Bethlehem serves hundreds of Lawrence families facing challenging timesIn 2023 nearly 700 families over 3,100 peoplereceived the blessing of being cared for and appreciated as important members of our community.

How do families get selected to be part of Project Bethlehem?

Project Bethlehem works with 21 Lawrence agencies and 31 Lawrence schools (public and charter) who identify families in greatest need of assistanceSchools and agencies then work with these families to provide Lazarus House with individual wish lists. Project Bethlehem also supports guests of Lazarus House’s family Shelter, and the residents of Lazarus House’s transitional apartments, Capernaum Place.

What are Project Bethlehem family sponsors asked to purchase?

Sponsors are given a specific list of a family’s Christmas wishes. Using the guidelines below, the average expenditure is approximately $80/$85 per person in the household, roughly $350 for a family of four (two adults, two children).  

For the household

  • One gift card (~$30-$50) for a household item, store preference is provided  
  • 1-2 new family games wrapped; family’s preferences are provided 
  • Gift card (s) to Market Basket based on family size selected 
    • $25 for family of two
    • $50 for family of 3-4 people
    • $75 for family of 5-6 people
    • $100 for family 7+

For each child under 18 years old

  • One gift card (~$30-$40), store preference provided
  • 2-3 new toys/gifts wrapped; child’s toy/gift preferences provided 

For each adult (includes parent(s) and other adults in the household who are 18 years+)

  • One gift card per person (~$30-$40), store preference provided 

When does everything begin?

Schools and agencies are asked to have the family’s wishes to us by mid-NovemberOnce matched with a family, sponsors are given a drop off date roughly 2 weeks later to deliver all wrapped gifts back to Lazarus House.   

Where do wrapped gifts get delivered?

Project Bethlehem will be located at 412 Hampshire Street, Lawrence.  All gifts will be delivered and picked up from this location.   

Why so many gift cards?

Project Bethlehem began providing gift cards instead of physical gifts for adults as a way to honor individuals dignity of choice.  Each family does receive two family games and each child under 18 years old receives 2-3 physical toys/gifts 

If you have any questions, please email us at