More than a safe place to sleep


More than a safe place to sleep

Shelter & Transitional Housing Program

Shelter & Transitional Housing Program

Our Lazarus House Family Shelter is both the last line of defense and the first ray of hope for many of the families who find themselves at our door. When our Family Shelter Guests need a longer advocacy period and additional education to learn and practice healthy and needed skills for success, they may apply to our transitional housing program at Capernaum Place that offers more independent living with private apartments for families.

Our food programs are supported by the Advocacy Team and a host of loving, caring full and part time staff that care about each Guest. Every person we serve is treated with dignity, respect, love, kindness and without judgment.

The Advocacy Team and our loving, caring full and part-time staff provide a safe, healthy, productive and respectful environment for families as we help them transition from homelessness to independent living and self-sufficiency.

Lazarus House Family Shelter

More than a safe place to sleep

The new (October 2020) Family Shelter has 5 private family suites that each include a bedroom, living room and one bathroom and can house up to 25 people.

The program offers advocacy, prepared meals, laundry, guidance, goals, house rules, and accountability – all things that help prepare a family to be self-sufficient. It is a community. It is a family where people share their frustrations, stories and dreams in a safe and loving environment.

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Capernaum Place

More than an apartment

Capernaum Place provides 18 units of transitional housing to families and individuals in their own private apartment plus 2 handicapped-accessible units in a more permanent, supportive housing program.

Each family agrees to participate in education and life skills workshops during their stay and can be offered up to four consecutive six-month leases. The tenants receive necessary guidance and attention to their unique situations. Adult Guests have regular meetings with a licensed social worker to assist them in creating and managing their immediate and longer-term personal and family life goals and are offered the opportunity to avail themselves of our other programs to help them achieve success.

We are accepting applications for the Capernaum Place waiting list.


Elianna Urena
(978) 269-5231

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Family Enrichment Programming

Holistic Care and Family Enrichment Programming for Guests living in our Shelter or Capernaum Place

Holistic care supports our families who are emotionally, physically and financially drained.

We offer a series of enrichment opportunities to our young Guests and families so they can experience emotional growth and socialization. Our activities promote focus, accountability, responsibility, respite, distraction, joy, and in and of themselves are confidence builders. They make families feel “normal” as they create positive memories together and individually.

This programming results in emotional health and confidence our Guests can take with them for the rest of their lives. Holistic care is part of connecting Guests to their potential and ensuring each and every Guest has the opportunity to not just survive, but to thrive. This engagement, involvement and belonging help develop a sense of safety and trust that sets the stage for choosing “the next right thing”.

We also offer activities, through our volunteers, such as BBQ’s, Lawn Parties, Christmas festivals, and Holiday door decorating contests to engage our families and bring delight and fun into their stressful lives.

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