Jeff McManama - Wakefield, MA

Why I am running for Lazarus House – “I am running the Boston Marathon for everyone who can’t and running in their honor… for the doctors and nurses who are hard at work helping fight this pandemic, for the volunteers at the homeless shelters handing out food, for the kids who are sick and, in the hospital recovering and for the people who have passed on. I am running on behalf of them.

My name is Jeff McManama, and I am 27 years old! I live in Wakefield, MA and I work as a mortgage loan processor for a mortgage broker. My hobbies include running of course, studying to pass my mortgage loan originator test, binge watching Queer Eye and the Real Housewives, and spending time with my significant other. My favorite place to eat is in the North End, wow all of my interests revolve around running and carbs I am just now realizing. I also have a favorite go to breakfast spot called Bagel World which I am a frequent flyer at. I love eating, I love Britney Spears and I love running, really sums my whole world up. I have a nephew named Finn, and he is the cutest baby in the whole wide world. I am so excited to run this race and I bought new Beyoncé (Ivy Park) shoes to train in so that is also a huge win for me, and I will be showcasing them at the race as well. Let’s go Lazarus House!”

Boston Marathon 2022 Countdown

The Boston Marathon begins! Wish Jeff good luck!