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Less than 20 miles away from very wealthy neighborhoods is a community of people that live under a bridge. Please watch this 15-minute video movie that focuses on the homelessness & addiction problem in the city of Lawrence, Ma. Shot and directed by Duran Films & Touch of DraMa: Film & DraMatography.

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  • Shelton Prince

    It is sad. However the voice you are talking about will never be heard, because those who can do something, want. The Goverment of this So-called Great Country, is a fraud and only moves during election time, and even then, it’s Lies.
    Great Video
    Thank you for Caring

    • Kathie

      You have a voice . . . share the video on social media, find out how you can volunteer, vote for more programs for housing . . . “You can be the change”

  • Joe Silva

    I would like to help. How can i contribute?

    • Kathie

      Many of the people who live under the bridge come to Lazarus House soup kitchen for a good meal (breakfast and hot lunch), someone to talk to, showers (two days a week), etc. Contact Lazarus House to volunteer to help serve our guests . . . become a listening ear to people who often feel unheard. You will discover, through your involvement, the very best way you can help!

  • Paula

    How can people help ?? I would love to contribute !!

  • Joe D'Amore

    The people under the bridge represent all of us. We all go through seasons where we are broken in various forms; sorrow, grief, loss, addiction.

    These people actually do have a voice. Lazarus House and the people associated with it is one of them. There are many others including those of us that intervene directly by providing basic needs where ” people are” ( quite literally and figuratively)

    Awareness is not enough. Action is needed. The goal is to provide pathways for escaping the bridge. Prayers work too

  • Rose Marie Maldonado

    They need rent control in lawrence apartment are in a really high rent right now

  • mary ann

    I grew up in that house 55 years ago
    .glad its a place thats helping people

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