Read the stories of many of the services that Lazarus House provides and the success stories for our Guests.  We thank you for the support that makes our work possible and insures dignity for our Guests!

Solid Ground = Solid Decisions

When “Guillermo” came to us only a few short months ago, he was using recreational drugs, unable to keep his medical condition in check and unmotivated to do the work of creating a better life for himself. His welcome into the family community and structured programming at the Shelter changed his trajectory quickly and markedly. In just two short months, Guillermo invites the drug testing he once feared – he says, “Go ahead, test me – I’m clean!” Because of the regularity in schedule and mealtimes, he has been able to take his medication as prescribed and is feeling much healthier and has more energy to focus on the next right thing on his journey. In fact, “Guillermo” is relying on many programs in Lawrence that will launch him back into self-sufficiency and good health. The advocacy team at the Shelter says, “We can see he is shining from the inside out – with bright hope in his eyes.”
(Stock Photo:  Name & Photograph used to protect Guest Privacy)

Nutrition for the Heart and Soul

When a stranded and dejected couple walked through the Soup Kitchen door, they were met with interest in their predicament and care for their situation. The man had slipped, hit his face and had gone to the hospital to get checked out. Shortly after that visit, their car was impounded, leaving them stranded. They were offered a balanced meal in a warm and friendly environment – able to rest their hearts and begin to think through their situation. Our Advocacy Team jumped into action to provide support, guidance, needed clothing and winter coats. During their time in the Soup Kitchen, the man received a call that he needed to come back to the hospital due to something they found on his scan. The Lazarus House Team sent them on their way with transportation, having been loved and well taken care of, and an invitation to return if they needed or wanted to! Your generosity provides necessities and care WAY Beyond Soup Kitchen Nutrition!!

Amazon Smiled – no really… AMAZON SMILED!!!

Recently, our regular Amazon delivery guy was perplexed at the increased number of packages coming into Lazarus House. In fact, he commented, “Wow – you guys have been doing a lot of shopping these days.” Our office manager assured him that we, as a not-for-profit, were NOT shopping and went on to explain that when we have urgent needs, we post on Social Media providing links for much needed items for our Guests. She explained that these packages were all donations from people who “cared and clicked” our Amazon Smile link to order from a list of urgently needed items. The driver was amazed – that the many packages he had been bringing in each day were donations from kind hearts who just didn’t want others to suffer. He stayed a little longer that beautiful afternoon – chatted to our team about the work of Lazarus House and went home with an “Amazon Smile” and the link to donate! Thank You for inspiring this young man!

When we say SHELTER – do you think House?

Think again! Laughter and conversation ring out in the dining room at the Shelter while waiting for a volunteer-prepared breakfast – three families had met downstairs well before breakfast to chat, tell stories and share their family experiences. Still another group was found in the corner of the Soup Kitchen at lunch time, deep in what appeared to be a meeting – only to discover that a few people from the Shelter had gotten together to start a “book club”… A beautiful community-building book club!! Still another Guest took the time and care to make Origami animals for the Guests staying in out of the frigid cold at the emergency overnight Shelter.

When we say Shelter, we think Family! And we thank you for providing that!