John Murtha is inspirational proof that age should never be an obstacle.  At 65, he will be running his first marathon this year as part of the Lazarus House Boston Marathon team.

Murtha draws motivation from his father, who in his 80s was still delivering Meals-on-Wheels to many younger than himself.

“Growing up in the Depression, he knew what it meant to be hungry and wouldn’t allow people to go hungry if there was anything he could do about it,” said Murtha.  “I’d like to think that he would be proud that my family and I share the same commitment to serving others that he displayed right up until the day he died.”

Murtha became aware of Lazarus House and our mission when his wife, Maureen, started as a volunteer several years ago.

“Since then, the organization has become a central part of the Murtha household: my daughter has volunteered there and I’ve run in many Hike for Hope events,” he said. “On top of that, the executive chef from the hotel that I manage in Boston has taught cooking classes at Lazarus House on multiple occasions, always getting more from the experience than his students!”

Murtha said he will be running to honor his father and help  provide for the hungry and homeless close to his home in the Merrimack Valley.