People of low income typically do not have easy access to healthier choices

Mark runs a farm in southern New Hampshire, primarily growing corn on 80 acres. In the summertime, what is not sold at the farm stand, is donated to Lazarus House. It is a sizable, fresh and frequent gift that gets distributed to our guests in the Food Pantry, in the Shelter, and in the Soup Kitchen. Mark has been supplying Lazarus House for many years now. He also volunteers his free time at the Food Pantry when he is able. “God has been very good to me. Having volunteered at the Food Pantry, I have seen for myself how many thousands of people are fed by Lazarus House. It makes me happy that we are in a position to help. Hopefully, we can continue to keep helping for years to come.”

Luanne Bonanno manages Pleasant Valley Gardens, a wholesale vegetable farm in Methuen, Massachusetts. “We grow produce for Market Basket. Oftentimes we will grow vegetables that do not meet their guidelines for size or shape. Nutritionally, they are every bit as wholesome and good, they just may be a little misshapen. We used to compost these vegetables but then I had the idea to talk to Lazarus House and see if they could use them for their guests. Now, for the past five or six years, we have had a regular arrangement. We have a responsibility to share what we have with those struggling in our community.”

Ken Campbell, the Food Pantry Manager, says, “It is a privilege that Lazarus House is the receiver of such generosity from our local farms. Through Lazarus House our local farms are providing fresh vegetables to thousands of families in the greater Lawrence area. The nutritional produce that we are distributing is so beneficial to the families that we serve. I can’t begin to express how grateful we are.”

These generous people do this week in, week out, all through the summer. It is a unique advantage for us to be able to supplement our guests with farm fresh food in addition to the canned items, dairy, and grains we distribute.