We are so grateful for over 50 years of collective service to Lazarus House Ministries by these three dedicated and thoughtful Board members who completed their service in 2020. Therese Leone, a VP at Enterprise Bank, brought her expertise in relationship management, the ability to identify new opportunities, and to utilize tools well to benefit our Guests. Father Martin, Spiritual Director at St. Basil’s in Methuen, began his service to our Guests in 1998 and has been integral to our commitment to the Gospel Mission. He focused on providing a loving experience for each Guest. Dr. Bernie Daly brought his networking expertise and his passion for making people feel at ease by caring for each individually.

Our Board is made up of uniquely skilled individuals who live locally and have a heart for our Guests and expertise in their own vocations that bring richness, collaboration and vision to Lazarus House. If you have questions about our Board please email