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Partnership Events

You have landed on our Partnership Events page!

 A place where individuals, groups, schools, faith communities and corporations use their own passions, ideas and networks to raise money for Lazarus House Ministries. These initiated events come in all shapes, sizes and themes as different as the people creating them. It’s a beautiful way to raise funds for our Guests struggling with poverty, homelessness and food insecurity.

Your donation today will support our shelter, transitional housing, food programs, advocacy team, and community resources offered to our Guests all in the name of your chosen Partnership Event.

Thank you for your generous support through our PARTNERSHIP EVENTS!

Donate to a Partnership Event

Choose which event you want to support by using the drop down function. Your donation will come directly to Lazarus House Ministries and be tax deductible. You will get a digital receipt following donation completion.

Host Your Own Partnership Event

By hosting a partnership event you have the opportunity to use your talents and passion and to raise much-needed funds and raise awareness for Lazarus House.

Need Guidance or Inspiration?

Call Marcy Furse at (978) 269-5217 or email