Thomas ArulAs Thomas Arul runs the Boston Marathon this year, more than completing the 26.2 mile course will be on his mind.

His reason for running on the Lazarus House team is to bring attention to the poverty those more fortunate never see.

“There are many who cannot afford rent, heat, food, cloth or utilities,” said Arul. “The most painful part is the mother who struggles to feed her hungry children.”

While Massachusetts may have one of the lowest rates of homelessness in the nation, a federal report found the problem growing at a rapid pace.

In 2018, the number of homeless in the state was growing faster than any state in the country, the report found.  Many are young adults, others are veterans.

Arul’s fundraising goal is $15,000.

“Please don’t think this is a fund raiser for my marathon,” he said. “Consider this as an opportunity to help the poor and homeless.”