NOTICE: Sewer repairs affecting our St. Frances St. Clare Thrift Store through July 2019. (Abbott Street, Andover Street, Bailey Street, Farnham Street, Market Street, Osgood Street, Salem Street, South Union Street). Reminder that our Good Shepherd Thrift Store is open and easily accessible.

 ¿Necesitas Ayuda?


Lazarus House alimenta a las personas a traves de nuestra cocina sopera, almacen de comida, fundas de almuerzo en el anochecer y camion de sopa en el invierno.


Nuestras tiendas a bajo precio son un centro de actividad. Vendemos articulos a precios bajos y ofrecemos cupones para ropa y articulos del hogar gratis a personas necesitadas.


Para aquellos con necesidades precarias, el Albergue de Emergencia de Lazarus House es ambas cosas, el ultimo recurso de apoyo y el primer rayo de esperanza.


Lazarus House trabaja en mover familias e individuos fuera del nivel de pobreza y desamparo, a levantarse con su propio esfuerzo con dignidad.

Como Aportar

Que dicen la gente

  • “We get dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruit. My daughter loves the yogurt so my husband and I save them for her. I can’ t get here until the afternoon but I don’ t have to worry because I know the people who work here make sure everyone gets the same selection of items, whether you are first in line or last. How wonderful is that.”

  • "My children and I would like to thank you very much for all the Christmas gifts. Everything fits perfectly. Thank you for making my children’s and my Christmas a happy one. God bless you!"

  • "It has been my second chance in life! We have a roof over our head, stability and are getting our bills up to date. My husband and I are getting our life back on track!"

  • "Now we aren’t homeless and we can be together as a family. Lazarus House staff helped me with school and I have my Certified Nursing Assistant license and a job with a steady income. Living at Capernaum place has been great!"