Riley DohertyRiley Doherty first came to Lazarus House 21 years ago as a high school volunteer to help with Thanksgiving turkey deliveries.

In the two decades since, there has been almost no job – big or small – that Doherty has not done at Lazarus House.  Whether it’s cleaning shelters, hosting diaper drives, fundraising, or stocking pantry shelves, she has worked to build excitement for our mission.

Doherty, a vice president at Staples, was named a “Community Hero” by the company for her volunteer efforts at Lazarus House.

Her story spans three generations.  Her parents were Lazarus House volunteers,  and she now brings a young daughter who has donated her birthday presents to children in need.

“People’s lives have changed so much for the better because of Riley,” said former Executive Director Bridget Shaheen.

Doherty, who is now on the Lazarus House Board of Directors,  is running the Boston Marathon on the Lazarus House Team with a fundraising goal of $20,000.

“Lazarus House has granted me the opportunity to impact my community on a deep level as we work together to empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty,” said Doherty.

Like other Lazarus House volunteers, Doherty believes she has gotten as much out her involvement as she has given to our Guests.

“I am grateful to the individuals who initially introduced me to this inspiring organization. My experiences with Lazarus House have had a significant impact on my life and have taught me the importance of giving back,” said Doherty.