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Position Title: Residential Counselor I, Relief / On Call Support

Reports To: Coordinator of Single Women Transitional Housing Program Position

Summary: Duties include but are not limited to:
This position is responsible to provide support to guests in a Ministry based approach, and to ensure the atmosphere of the transitional housing is safe, stable and structured. Staff maintains a supportive, consistent environment provides an atmosphere of dignity, respect and safety for all who enter the transitional housing.

Position Description:

  • This position is an On Call Relief position to support special needs situations and absences of scheduled regular staff
  • Interact with guests in a respectful manner, adding and restoring dignity to their lives, with a tone and understanding that we are serving our guests.
  • Prioritize meeting guest needs with getting tasks done and managing volunteers in a busy working environment.
  • Support guests; monitor, assess behavior and overall well-being
  • Maintain regular security checks throughout the shift; lock all doors, shut off alarms at designated times.
  • Wake guests up at the designated time.
  • Make sure guests follow through with assigned chores.
  • Ensure morning medications are handed to guests then locked up securely after use.
  • Work with guests to achieve goals and life skills. Assist with life and problem solving skills and support.
  • Understand the systemic issues that affect low income single homeless females.
  • Observe and assess agitation levels to proactively defuse potentially aggressive situations. Effectively de-escalate, diffuse, and monitor overall shelter environment for safety.
  • Regularly inventory and notify Coordinator when food, cleaning and maintenance supplies are low.
  • Work within a multi-disciplinary team liaising with staff, and supervisors to promote a supportive, respectful environment.
  • Contribute to the overall cleanliness and upkeep of the house including common areas like the parlor, dinning, hallways and kitchen.
  • Complete shift assignments as requested.
  • Assist in meal preparation and laundry.
  • With Staff team identify potential challenges and provide input for solutions to Coordinator and other Staff members.
  • Use communication tools effectively including documentation and shift change to bring forward issues and occurrences that take place while on shift.
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  • Richard Coronel

    Hi my name is Richard I would love to work for lazuras house to help folks improve their lives . My
    Experience will help your organization do what it does best,care for peoples needs.please give me an opportunity
    To assist you.
    Thank you ,GOD BLESSYOU

    Richard Coronel

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