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Position Title: Executive Director

Reports To: Lazarus House Board of Directors

Position Summary: The Executive Director is responsible to lead, direct and inspire Lazarus House Ministries (LH) to ensure that the Ministry is serving its Guests, staff, benefactors and volunteers from the spirit of the ministry’s Gospel-based mission: to add dignity to the lives of our Guests through every service we provide. The Executive Director is responsible to ensure that overall programs, operations, finances and human resources support the mission and vision of the ministry. With the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is responsible to monitor and ensure the fiscal health of the Ministry. Direct reports include: Chief Operating Officer (COO); Director of Development and the Director of Advocacy. The Office Manager/HR reports jointly to the Executive Director and COO.

Position Description: Duties include but are not limited to:

Gospel-Based Leadership

  • The Executive Director as the prime steward of the Ministry’s core values and core mission is responsible to:
    • Lead with heart and passion grounded in an integrated, lived faith and understanding of the founding Gospels.
    • Lead with unfaltering courage, ensuring the alignment of Ministry policies, procedures and activities with the core mission and founding Gospel base found in Matthew 25 as well as supporting passages such as Isaiah 58, and the philosophies of Saint (Mother) Teresa, Oscar Romero and Don Helder Cameron.
  • Lead, manage and steward the multiple bottom lines of LH:
    • The alive, vibrant, nourishing culture that emerges from serving as Jesus served,
    • Results both tangible and intangible in all areas,
    • Resources through stewardship of the financial, in-kind and people (volunteers, donors, benefactors, staff) that make the work of the Ministry possible.
  • Lead by “walking around” to encourage, inspire and create a culture of inclusion and appreciation including personal interaction with Guests.
  • Able to work openly and collaboratively with the Board of Directors, understanding that many of the all-volunteer Board members whose daily lives are outside the Ministry and perhaps less influenced by the Gospel and have committed to dedicate time, talent and treasure to guiding LH. Ability and willingness to consistently discern and make decisions based on the Ministry’s Gospel-based core mission and values.
  • Take the lead in ensuring that traditional services held in the ministry are maintained and/or grown. These include Easter time services, Stations of the Cross, remembrance of Guests that have passed, Ash Wednesday, daily noon time reconciliation prayer with staff and opening and closing prayer at weekly coordinators’ staff meeting.
  • Conduct or oversee periodic evaluations of Ministry programs and services to prevent “mission creep.”

Advocacy, Program Creation and Program Implementation

  • Work with the Director of Advocacy and team to stay informed about the status of Guests, services and decisions being made.
  • Provide open communication and support to the Advocacy team, assisting them in Gospel-based decision making and maintaining the Gospel base of our services.
  • Stay informed and disseminate available information about poverty and related issues in local area.
  • With COO and area Coordinator conduct feasibility studies, researching, benchmarking and establishing parameters for potential new programs that address the changing needs of the Guests and community while supporting the mission and financial and strategic visions of the Ministry. Ideas proposed to move forward shall be presented to the Board for review and approval and may be studied, including selected Board members.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and project leaders to develop comprehensive plans to execute new programs including staffing, budgets, capital expenditures and program parameters. Present developed plans to the Board of Directors for review and approval.
  • With COO, troubleshoot existing programs and services to identify opportunities for improvement. Oversee improvement initiatives with the COO.

Development and Public Relations

  • Be the public face of the Ministry presenting the Ministry with integrity, honesty and transparency.
  • Working with the Board, Board’s Development Committee and the Director of Development, establish and implement a program to engage with large donors/prospects (e.g. foundations, wealthy individuals, corporations, etc.)
  • Provide direction and support to the Development Director, ensuring successful preparation and execution of Development strategies, campaigns, events and activities.
  • With Development Team, actively expand the donor base by prospecting and cultivating relationships with new and existing benefactors, sharing the message of the Ministry and inviting participation and support.
  • Actively solicit gifts from current and new major donors, maintaining and stewarding a portfolio of individuals, corporations/businesses, organizations, and foundations.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with key organizations to support grant proposals, strategic alliances, partnerships and funding.
  • Provide direction, support, and communications reviews to the Director of Communications, to ensure that all communications portray and present L.H. to the public and others in the most proper light while maintaining confidentiality and dignity for our Guests.
  • Work with Development Team and PR to ensure the Ministry’s brand and reputation remains well respected as one of the most well run and impactful social service organizations in the Merrimack Valley.

Strategic Planning and Operations

  • Work closely with the Board and COO in creating and maintaining a vibrant strategic plan.
  • With the COO and Board establish and approve operational and financial goals, ensuring the annual operating plan conforms to the strategic plan.
  • With Board and COO create, implement, and periodically review and annual operating plan.
  • Set or review human resource policies and procedures to ensure alignment with Mission and legal compliance.
  • Be involved in all hiring efforts to ensure candidates understand and support the Mission and Gospel base.
  • Provide direction and support to COO to ensure goals are met.
  • With the COO and management team, shape and nurture the culture of the Ministry to ensure that the Gospel-inspired mission and values underpin daily interactions and decisions.
  • Identify and cultivate new strategic partnerships to grow and support the Ministry; maintain and grow current partnerships.

Board Membership

  • Attend all Board meetings as a non-voting member.
  • Stay informed as ex officio member of all Board committees.
  • Provide regular financial, operational and strategic updates at Board meetings and as required.
  • Maintain active communication and participation with Board members encouraging, educating and informing them to foster full participation and enthusiasm for the Mission and the Ministry’s impact.


  • Stay informed about national and local donor giving trends and trends in giving to LH. Utilize this information to make informed spending and planning decisions to ensure that the foundation and programs of LH are not negatively affected by financial changes.
  • Balance expected and actual donations with projected expenditures to maintain LH’s services.
  • Grow programs and services where necessary due to needs of Guests and community while minimizing financial risks of such growth.
  • Review, monitor and approve expenditures according to established policies and procedures.
  • Review and approve annual budgets and capital expenditures prior to submission for Board Approval.
  • Report significant changes in the financial status of the Ministry to the Board as they occur to ensure appropriate corrections and adjustments can be made.
  • Fulfill other position related duties as required.


  • Gospel-Based:
    • A solid heartfelt understanding of the Gospel and a proven history of application of the Gospel in serving others in a visible leadership role.
    • Strong commitment to the Gospel-based Mission of the Ministry and to stewarding this Mission as completely as possible.
    • Ability to promote the understanding and implementation of how our Gospel foundation drives our decisions and actions throughout the Ministry.
    • Ability to discern what Jesus would do navigating, balancing, and communicating nuances in the grey areas presented by being a Gospel-based organization that operates in a legal environment and is impacted by general cultural norms.
  • Passion to serve people who are poor and in need:
    • Driven, motivated and informed by a Gospel-based life.
    • Deep understanding of, experience with and sensitivity to the complexities of working with people who are poor and at risk and of working with those who serve them.
    • Culturally competent, with an understanding of and ability to work with how cultures, diversity and inclusion inform actions, decision making and experience.
  • Development/Fundraising:
    • Extensive experience and demonstrated success in fundraising and development, understanding that as a privately funded organization the budget depends on soliciting, stewarding and expanding an extensive donor base.
    • Ability to inspire, enroll, solicit and motivate potential and new donors and benefactors by delivering compelling a heart-felt and fact-based message.
  • Leadership:
    • Strong leadership, team building skills and excellent relationship building skills.
    • An aptitude for and proven success working with a diverse group of employees and constituents.
    • Strategic and visionary thinker with the proven ability to assemble and direct teams to successful outcomes.
    • Proven success as a leader growing and financially managing an organization with a $5-$15 million budget.
    • Proven ability to lead, motivate and hold staff and the organization accountable to meet objectives and goals.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills including being an effective and inspirational public speaker.
    • Proven ability to assess community needs and develop a strategic vision that drives programming and funding goals, creating programs with appropriate team members.
    • Ability to quickly develop positive local business and nonprofit connections and relationships.
  • Experience and Education:
    • A minimum 7 years of experience as an Executive Director or Senior leadership position leading and running a multi-million dollar (Gospel-based a plus) nonprofit or social enterprise organization.
    • Proven track record in Gospel-based social service program development and execution.
    • Proven success engaging staff, Board members, donors and volunteers in active participation in the Ministry and as stewards of the mission.
    • Demonstrated experience in non-profit financial management.
    • BA/BS required: Master’s Degree preferred and/or commensurate experience.
  • Transition
    • Experience in assuming leadership of an organization in transition from a founder and/or long-term Executive Director.
  • Experience running non-profit organization(s) that do not rely on government funding, a plus.
  • Knowledge of the needs and resources in the City of Lawrence, a plus.
  • Bilingual – English and Spanish, a plus.

Physical Demands/Working Conditions:

The information described here includes but is not necessarily limited to general physical requirements, demands and/or working conditions that an employee is likely to encounter at Lazarus House, Inc. Additional requirements may arise as your employment and needs of the Ministry evolve. You must be able to handle or possess the ability to meet the following:

  • Prolonged sitting and/or standing, some bending, stooping and stretching.
  • Eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate equipment pertinent to your area- office, kitchen, warehouse, cleaning, etc.
  • Lifting, moving and carrying up to 50 pounds occasionally (This may be 75 pounds or more when employee’s responsibilities include moving furniture and other such items).
  • Travel from building to building within the Ministry and/or to external agencies.
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and ability to work with or be exposed to diverse populations, including people who are homeless or have mental illness or other challenges.
  • Interact effectively with staff, guests, volunteers, benefactors and the general public.
  • Manage multiple priorities.
  • Able to manage the stress of the job
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