Welcome to the 360 Degree Shelter Tour!

Please come with us on a digital tour of our beautifully renovated Lazarus House Emergency Shelter!

The tabs below will allow you to cycle through different rooms in the location, and you can click and drag on individual rooms to see a full 360 degree perspective. While you’re clicking, you will hear Carmen Vega, Shelter Program Director telling you about each room as you go.

First Floor Living

Living Room/Tech Room

Most of the children at the Shelter will be learning remotely. As a result, we are providing not only tech-friendly study nooks, but also chromebooks, headsets, and smart couches. You might notice something else, too – new air purifiers that will be installed and running in all of the rooms at the Shelter.

First Floor Bedroom

In this room, we can house not only a mom, but one-two-three children who’ll have access to their own private bathroom and the brand new in-house commercial laundry facilities. These suites are all self-contained and non-communal. If a Guest becomes sick, we will be able to provide them no-contact meals to be eaten in their space direct from the kitchen.

First Floor Common Areas


This is the Entryway, where we provide a COVID-safe gateway for anyone entering the shelter – including temperature checks, personal cubbies for outdoor shoes, and shoe covers for visitors.

Dining Room

This is the newly decorated bright spacious dining room, where will serve just six people at a time, creating dining shifts in order to safely serve our Guests breakfast lunch and dinner, one or two families at a time.

Laundry Room

This is a private and state of the art laundry room, with brand new washing machines for our Guests to use whenever the need arises.

Shelter Dining

In the Kitchen, we’ve installed a special commercial dishwasher that will sanitize and wash the shelter’s dishes in record time and new industrial refrigerator. Combined with our full kitchen facility, we will be able to offer a special experience for families at mealtime providing healthy culturally relevant meals for our Guests.

Second Floor Living

Apartment A

Our kids may be learning at home – but we provide whiteboards and calendars so that they can keep track of schoolwork and everything they need in life. This will be not only a living space, but a classroom as well.

Apartment B

Before the conversion, this room was called ‘the awkward room’ because of all of the openings and spaces. Now, we’ve combined the apartments that opened into this space into one, creating a room with space for a crib, three to four occupants, and a private bathroom.

Administrative Suite

This is a special administration suite – to be converted into a space for Interns, staff respite and training the next generation of human services workers. This will be a place for case workers to meet with our residents, providing them with valuable information and conferencing with them about important shelter topics and goals.

Third Floor Living

Apartment A

This space is just part of a larger section that forms the smallest third floor apartment at the Shelter. A converted toy room, this is now a comfortable study and work space for our residents once COVID restrictions are lifted

Apartment B

This space is the largest space in our Shelter, fondly known as the ‘Brady Bunch Room’, providing bed and living space for up to five people. Officially, it is known by a different name; The Holy Family Suite.