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Sharing Our Bounty

"This dinner is an opportunity for us to share with you all of the bounty that you helped create at the onset of the holiday season as we continue to raise the revenue necessary to fulfill our mission." - Bridget Shaheen, Executive Director.

Sharing Our Bounty Annual Dinner and Auction

The Annual Dinner and Auction is an established fall event that has over 450 attendees and offers valuable promotional opportunities for our sponsors. The event includes a fabulous dinner at the Andover Country Club, starting with a silent auction, dinner and live auction. 'Sharing Our Bounty' is a wonderful way to share in the joys of our program beneficiaries. 

CLICK HERE to see photos of this year's wonderful event


Managing Goals While Following a Dream

by Our Featured Guest Speaker, Liz
"I came to here from Puerto Rico when my son was four years old because I wanted to follow my dream. I had an aunt that lived in Lawrence so I stayed with her for around six months until I became homeless.

I was volunteering as a bus monitor at the Head Start Program so that I could get work experience and they helped me find the Lazarus House shelter to live at. From Monday through Friday I would wake up at 4:40 am with my son. They called me the "4:40 girl". The Head Start people would pick me up at Lazarus House and they would drop off my son at the school while I did my bus run.

While I was still I volunteering I was accepted into Capernaum Place and moved out of the Lazarus House shelter. At Capernaum, my son learned to be safe, I could cook for him and he could be home with me; I was pregnant and had my baby girl when I lived in there.

The good things that I liked at Capernaum Place were the workshops that helped me a lot. It was very stressful in my life but the themes that Carmen taught us in the workshop about health and finances (like how to save money for apartment, pay the bills on time to establish credit) were helpful. Any questions I had I would go to ask Carmen and Hazel because they were very supportive of me. While at Capernaum Place I bought my first car and now I have my own apartment. Where I am right now, is because they gave me an opportunity.

I have co-workers that have always pushed me to work hard. I have always been a hard worker, I didn't want to collect welfare, I didn't like that. I had a medical office background and an Associate's Degree in office administration from Puerto Rico, but I couldn't find work here at first. When I was volunteering at Head Start, it was to generate experience for a job. After six months they recommended me as a substitute in the office and as I learned more English they gave me a part time job. There was an opening in the office so I interviewed for the office administrator job and I now have a full time job.

Right now, I have a case load of 45 families. Some of them are homeless, or they need clothing and when they are at that point, I see myself from the bad times, in them. That's why I like to help them a lot. I enjoy working with the families and I get a lot of successes.

I am very thankful to you because I came here with nothing. I learned how to be responsible. I learned how to look for resources in Lawrence. I have a lot of goals for my future. I am very positive and now, when I have goals I have learned to manage them to make my dreams come true." - Liz

"Thank you to everyone who contributed to creating
such a magical, spirit-filled and beautiful evening.
We are so grateful for you allowing us to be an extension of your generosity to the guests we serve".
- Maureen Burns-Murtha, Events Manager

Sharing our Bounty Sponsors


Acton Toyota of Littleton

Don Rodman, Rodman Ride for Kids

Robert Samia

Waters Corporation


Bank of NE & Bill DeLuca Family Dealerships

Pfizer, Inc.

Philips Health Care

Salem Co-operative Bank

Carlotta and Tom Soviero


Andover Animal Hospital/Tower

Wheelabrator North Andover Inc./Emerson