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Poverty is merciless. Not only is it merciless, it has a ruthlessness that wreaks havoc with the very fabric of a human being’s life, stripping away their privacy, dignity, self-respect, sense of worth and the ability and desire to be part of and contribute to life. The people served by Lazarus House live a daily struggle to get the most basic needs. The Ministry provides physical, emotional and spiritual shelter from the hardships suffered in their lives, giving them the opportunity to have choices they otherwise would not have.

Our Services

Lazarus House provides over 23,767 support services every month in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and surrounding communities in the Merrimack Valley. Our programs include:

Housing: Lazarus House Emergency Shelter has a 41 bed and seven crib facility that provides guests with three meals, a place to sleep, showers and laundry services, as well as counseling and referrals for community support while they look for permanent housing. Capernaum Place, the transitional housing facility, offers 20 families their own apartment, comprehensive support services, independent living skills, clinical case management by two social workers, education, economic training as well as a playground for the children. Corpus Christi and Bethany House provides a home for eight individuals and two families who are homeless and living with the AIDS virus.

Food: The Good Shepherd Center & Soup Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch daily for about 225 people. We also provide a seasonal soup van. Food orders at our St. Martha's Food Pantry are distributed to 720 families every week.

Clothing: Our ministry helps sustain itself through three thrift stores. They also provide the opportunity to strengthen the neighborhoods where they exist, provide for needs of our shoppers who have no other means of availing themselves with clothing, household items and, just as important, camaraderie.

Work Preparation: Provides a job-training program that offers an extensive learning environment for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, life skills, and work preparation training. After completion of their classroom studies, our students begin a seven-month paid work internship at our Spark*L.E. Cleaning Services. We also provide Culinary Training program as a second career option in the food services industry.

Advocacy: Guests are assigned a social worker who will assist in tailoring a plan for reconstructing their lives in a way that will allow them to be active and productive members of the community.

Health Services: Lazarus House collaborates with the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center to provide medical screenings, flu shots and primary care at our Good Shepherd Center.