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For many in desperate need, the Lazarus House Emergency Shelter is both the last line of defense and the first ray of hope. The facility supports families and singles as they overcome homelessness. The house has seven rooms for families and single men and women with 41 beds and seven cribs; the group shares their frustrations, stories and dreams. Individually, adults battle road blocks to success and address the roots of their homeless experience to ensure stability for themselves and their children. Often, our Emergency Shelter guests need a longer advocacy period and additional education to truly possess the skills for success.

Capernaum Place provides 20 units of transitional housing to families and individuals in their own private apartment. The tenants receive the personal attention they need to escape homelessness for good. Capernaum Place's success rate is currently more than 90%.

Corpus Christi provides eight beds in a Victorian home as permanent housing to previously homeless individuals who are HIV/AIDS positive. Over the years, the house has transitioned from a place to live in dignity until the disease completes its course, to a place to learn how to become self-sufficient and manage what is now considered a chronic (vs. terminal) disease.

In addition, Bethany House a duplex, provides a place to call home for two families living with HIV/AIDS. Lazarus House Ministry provides a safe, healthy, productive and respectful environment for families and singles as they transition from homelessness to independent living and self-sufficiency.

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