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Lazarus House Ministries, Inc. provides safe, emergency, transitional and HIV/AIDS housing to an ever-changing population. Their care is dependent upon donors and volunteers like you! Your donations help to feed and clothe our residents and add to their general quality of life. Thank you in advance for your support.

Where can I drop off my donation?
Food donations may be dropped off at any of the following locations:
St. Martha's Food Pantry
242 Hampshire Street
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
The Good Shepherd Center
412 Hampshire Street
Monday - Saturday, 10am- 4pm

You can also drop off food at 48 Holly Street, Lawrence between the hours of 9am - 1pm, 4pm – 8pm weekdays and 4pm - 8pm weekends.

Clothing donations may be dropped off between the hours of 9am – 3pm at any of the thrift stores in Lawrence: 412 Hampshire Street, 229 So. Union Street, 121 Essex Street.

Can I present my gift to the residents personally?
No. In order to maintain the confidentiality of our residents, you will not have the opportunity to meet with them but please know how much your donation helps.

What if I have further questions about donating?
If you are still unsure of what clothing item(s) to donate or collect, or would like guidance on holding your own donation drive contact our Thrift Store Coordinator,

To find out specific food items to donate check the list on our Good Shepherd Center page or call our Food Coordinator at (978) 332-5013.

How do I become a volunteer?
The first step is to apply for a position that interests you. Once you have selected a position you can go to the Online Volunteer Application.

Will I need training?
There is no training necessary but you will be scheduled to meet with our Volunteer Coordinator for an interview so that we can fit your interests to our needs. All volunteers will need to fill out a CORI application before volunteering their time.

I need information about helping during the holidays.
If you need information about helping out a needy family for the holidays check here online or to find out about donating holiday goods or volunteer services, contact

How do I get to Lazarus House Ministries, Inc.?
The ministry provides services at several locations. Click here for directions.

Where do the funds come from to operate Lazarus House Ministries on a day-to-day basis?
Each year hundreds of generous people contribute financially to Lazarus House Ministries enabling us to serve the people who come to us for a "hand up". These wonderful donors are individuals and families, corporations and businesses, charitable foundations, churches and service clubs, and other organizations. Together their support comprises more than 80% of the revenues for our annual operating budget. The remainder of our operating budget is funded primarily through our social enterprises, as well as limited rental and interest income.

Does Lazarus House receive government funds to assist the poor and homeless?
Less than 1% of the funds received are from government agencies. The vast majority of funding comes from the private sector.

How much of the funds donated actually serve the people who come to Lazarus House in need?
The Board and Staff of Lazarus House Ministries strives constantly to serve our guests effectively and efficiently. 82% of the funds contributed directly benefit the people we serve, while 16% is utilized for administrative and fundraising costs. We are grateful for the many volunteers who in fiscal year 2012 donated 110,680 hours of service without which this ministry would not be possible.

Do the people who come to Lazarus House for help also receive money from Transitional Assistance (Welfare)?
Some who come to us do also receive assistance from federal and/or state programs, yet they still require our help. Our mission is to offer people a "hand-up", much more than a hand-out, so that they can become self-sufficient, contributing members of the community and society. People who take advantage of our programs are working and/or getting an education; they are in our work preparation programs and sometimes in transitional housing; they are taking the necessary steps to improve the lives of their families and they are eternally grateful for the assistance they receive along the way.

Is Lazarus House Ministries affiliated with a Church?
Ours is indeed a ministry, a faith–based organization whose mission is rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions and values. We are here to serve the most vulnerable of God’s people, to be his eyes, ears and hands for people in dire need. We are NOT affiliated with any Church, though several congregations of various denominations generously support us with their time, talent and treasure.