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Capernaum Place

"Before we came to Capernaum Place, I was always worried about my Mom because she was so sad. My life is completely changed since moving in; I'm doing better in school, my Mom gets to spend more time with me, and I don't need to worry about all those other things! The people here always treat you in a good way and try to help you with what you need. In here (Capernaum) you'll always be happy." - Virgen, age 15

Life in the homeless shelter is transient by nature; an average stay is five months while the waiting period for affordable housing is many years. The Lazarus House Transitional Housing Program at Capernaum Place has 20 apartment units for families and individuals and is the step between homelessness and a permanent home - a place of transition where one can live securely and privately while building skills and saving money for permanent, independent housing.

The journey to self-sufficiency and family stability begins in Capernaum Place providing shelter, structure, advocacy and vital programs to help guests find the strength to embrace the future. This program is open to families that meet the federal definition of poverty. If they have a source of income, the family pays 30% of its income in rent. Each family has a six month lease, renewable up to 24 months maximum, and agrees to participate in our programs that continue the education and life skills building that were begun in the shelter. Two social workers provide case management for our families. They also lead workshops in budgeting, nutrition, time management, self-esteem, positive decision making and other critical personal issues.

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